Museo della Lingua Greco-Calabra “Gerhard Rohlfs” Bova RC Via Sant'Antonio, 89033 tel.: 0965 762013



Spazio di Confine (Space of Boundaries) is a separate section of the Gerhard Rohlfs Museum of the Calabrian Greek Language, located on the top floor of the Borgo dei Mestieri building in the upper part of Bova. Accessible to visitors from the entrance on Via Pirgoli, right in the heart of Giudecca, this space houses the contemporary art installations of the artists Angela Pellicanò and Ninni Donato. Going beyond this small art gallery, you come to an astronomical observatory, still currently under construction.

The residence project saw the two artists experiment with a “vertical” point of view. Thus was born the idea of Postazione di Confine (Border stations), a sort of stargate, a metaphorical but at the same time, a historic passage of the relationship between man and sky: starting with the grandeur of Icarus, passing through the Horn’s multiple mirror telescope, finishing in belligerent scenes or in the crossing of the wall of sound.

The installation of these two artists who were called to work on site, mixes fragile ceramic materials, photography and sculpture in a single body. It works as a ‘prelude’, suggesting and stimulating reflections on how a town one thousand metres above sea level can be defined as a natural observatory, have a vocation and vertical perspectives and can strengthen its relationship with the sky.